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The Hays Recreation Commission is proud to offer a variety of fitness classes and wellness programs to help meet the needs of the entire community.  It is our goal to provide diversified programs for all ages and fitness backgrounds.  Whether you are just a beginner or are an elite athlete we offer classes, programs, and clinics to meet your needs.  Our certified and professional staff put your needs first to help you reach your goals.  We are committed to your health success and are driven to help you reach it.

Physical activity is extremely important to gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits from exercise are countless, these are just a few benefits from regular exercise.

·  Improved cardio respiratory health

·  Reduced body fat

·  Increased muscular endurance and strength

·  Reduced blood pressure

·  Increased flexibility

·  Reduces stress

·  Improved self-esteem

Everyone should try to achieve 60 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity over the course of 3 - 5 days a week.

Make exercise a PRIORITY.  Set aside time everyday to do some form of physical activity.  Don’t view exercise as a grueling trip to the gym.  Moderate intensity exercise is effective helping reaching your fitness goals.  Find something you enjoy doing like golf or tennis and just go out and get active.  The benefits will be countless and your life will greatly improve.