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A Special Project of the Kansas Recreation and Park Association, the Kansas Youth Sports Task Force and the National Alliance for Youth Sports.


The Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) wants to improve youth sports programs across the state through an initiative called Our Promise to Kids. Our goal is to develop a specific set of youth sports values that will serve as the foundation for how programs are administered. Our Promise to Kids is designed to provide coaches, parents and participants with the knowledge that their local park and recreation department and youth organizations care about each child involved in youth sports programs and are committed to making youth sports better for children in Kansas.


Organizations that sign the Our Promise to Kids commitment will be listed on the KRPA web site, recognized in the quarterly magazine and acknowledged at next year’s state conference.  Organizations are asked to sign the Our Promise to Kids commitment annually.


The Our Promise to Kids Commitment

WE PROMISE; to commit ourselves to the well-being and overall development of children through youth sports and activities and to ensure that our programs are conducted in the best interest of the children they are intended to serve.

WE PROMISE, that we will require each youth sport league, program, agency and organization to conduct themselves according to the generally accepted standards of quality youth sports programming and abide by the policies and procedures that are established by our agency as a condition of use for our facilities to conduct youth sports programs.

WE PROMISE; that all professionals, volunteers, coaches and parents involved in programs administered by our organization will have an opportunity to complete an orientation/training program that includes: an understanding of our philosophy, policies and procedures, and specific knowledge required for each position, and that everyone associated with the youth sports program shall be held accountable for his or her actions and behaviors.

WE PROMISE; that it is the express intent of our organization to above all else ensure that children involved in youth sports conducted by our organization are not subjected to inappropriate adult behavior without fair, swift and equitable consequences for such behavior. Further, we recognize and accept that it is incumbent upon us to investigate and resolve all allegations and/or complaints regarding any aspect of a youth sports program administered by our organization that may have an adverse effect on the physical, emotional or social growth of youth participants.

HAYS RECREATION COMMISSION recognizes the value of youth sports and the lifetime skills it teaches. As a community working together we promise to provide our children with a safe and positive youth sports experience.

Our Promise to Kids commits to providing children with the following opportunities:

*A fun, safe, positive environment in which to play.

*To play under the supervision of positive role models that will help focus on developing skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.

*For all children to play regardless of skill or ability.

*To build self-confidence and self-esteem while respecting oneself and others.

*To make new friends and learn lifetime skills.

*Everyone associated with this youth sports program will do their part in keeping these promises to our kids.

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