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HRC Heat Index Guidelines

Hays Recreation Commission has implemented the following guidelines to deal with extreme heat at all YOUTH SPORTS games and practices.  It is designed to provide coaches, parents, and participants with a standard for safe play in situations of extreme heat.

HRC has adopted the recommended guidelines by the American College of Sports Medicine for participation in sports activities during periods of extreme heat.  There will be 5 defined heat index zones. 

PLEASE NOTE- The heat index will NOT be decided until 30 minutes prior to the start of a game.  All games will finish with the guidelines which the games started.


Heat index of 65-80 degrees.  In this range, the participant is in very little danger from heat, and no special measures will be taken by HRC.


Heat index of 81-98 degrees.  In this range, coaches will be encouraged to take extra steps to protect their players by making sure they keep them hydrated and by encouraging frequent substitutions during games and practices. 


Heat index of 99-105 degrees.  HRC will implement the following:  Water coolers/fountains will be provided at each field complex for players/parents/fans.  Catchers will be allowed to only catch 2 consecutive innings.  Coaches are instructed to keep players well hydrated and take frequent breaks during practices as well.


Heat index of 106-115 degrees.  HRC will implement the following:  Same measures as Yellow and Orange Zones.  In addition, games will be shortened.

Flag Football  - Games will be reduced by 15 minutes

Soccer  -  Games will be reduced by 15 minutes

T-Ball  -  Games will be reduced by 15 minutes

Baseball – Coach Pitch and Pitching Machine reduced by 15 minutes.

Baseball – Player Pitch games will be reduced by 20 minutes

Softball- All games will be reduced by 15 minutes.


Heat index above 115 degrees.   All games and/or practices will be postponed/cancelled until index returns below 115.

The above are merely guidelines and it is the responsibility of parents to make the ultimate decision as to participate in HRC event when heat may be a factor.  HRC encourages all parents to take into consideration the age and physical condition of their child.  Parents also have the ultimate responsibility to inform their child about the dangers associated with heat and the need for protection (including sunscreen and proper hydration).