The Hays Recreation Commission offers programs to people of all ages that are held in a variety of locations.  We feel that our programs add to the quality of life within our already outstanding community.  However, given the size of our programs and the number of facilities needed to administer them, we cannot directly monitor the well being of all of our participants.

Accordingly, all HRC employees and volunteers who have direct access to children must sign a release of information authorizing the HRC to conduct a background check.  Background checks will be conducted through the Hays Police Department information gained from these background checks will be kept confidential and used solely for the protection of the children in our community.

Keep in mind that we are not trying to hold anyone accountable for those unpaid parking tickets or anything similar.  Additionally, we are not trying to scare anyone out of volunteering.  We realize that even though we live in a great community, we are not immune to the dangers in society.  Our goal is simple; we feel the need to take this step simply to provide an additional layer of protection for the youth in our programs.

Other facets of this policy include a Behavioral Report Form that can be used to more effectively document problems with coaches, parents, spectators, officials or players. Copies of the entire “Child Protection Policy” will be available in our office.  Although we realize that this may be more work and will require more cooperation on your part, we feel that it will be worth it.  We want to make sure that our programs are safe to enjoy the many benefits of participation.  We hope you agree.
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