Middle School & High School Volleyball


Middle School & High School Volleyball

Game Schedules

Monday League (Varsity/Upper JV)


Round 1 - June 4

Round 1 & 2  June 11 & 18

Round 2 - June 25
Round 3 - July 2 & July 9




Thursday League (Lower JV/Freshman & Middle School)
Round 1 - May 31 & 
June 7

Round 2 - June 14 & 21

Round 3 - June 28 &

July 12


2018 Summer Volleyball Rules

Dear Coaches and Athletic Directors,

We would like to invite your volleyball teams to join our league this summer. This is an excellent chance for the girls to play together as a team right before the fall season starts. This is a great opportunity for you too, coach. You get to have your team play together and begin implementing your program early. And by using our middle school league, you can get your upcoming players involved too.

The format of the league will be very similar to last year. Just like last year, we will put all the teams that sign up into pools. Each team will play everyone in their pool the first two weeks of the season. Then we will re-pool the division based on records and game scores. We will play the second round of pool play for the next two weeks. Then we will re-pool again and play for the last two weeks.

This adjustment will involve the different divisions. At the beginning of the season, you will sign your team up for the division of your choice… Middle school, Freshman, JV, Competitive JV, or Varsity. After the first round of pool play, teams will be re-pooled to play teams with similar records and similar skill abilities. This will ensure that no team will go all season without seeing competition of similar ability. If we have a Middle School team that is dominating, we will allow them to play some Freshman division teams. Likewise if we have a varsity division team that is struggling to find teams of similar ability we could move some strong JV teams up to try to compete with them.

The high school division will begin with the teams choosing their level of play, freshman/c-team, JV, competitive JV, or varsity. Then once play begins, the division lines will go away. Teams will be moved where they will see other teams of similar ability. The middle school will only have one division of 7th and 8th graders combined. Again once play begin, the division lines will go away and these teams will be moved based on record and ability. Varsity and some JV will play on Monday evenings and the JV, freshman/C-team and middle school divisions will play on Thursday evenings.

Freshman/C-team and middle school teams are required to have a coach on the bench to help organize these young players.  

Your school is not limited to entering just one team. You can (and we hope you do) enter multiple teams. You could enter your varsity, junior varsity and your freshman team, or as many teams as you would like.

Players must sign up as a team. Cost is $35.00 a player. Entry forms and money are to be turned in by May 15th. ALL forms and ALL money must be turned in together. Your team will not be put on the schedule until at least 6 players have paid. Players will receive their team shirts on the first day of play and after all entry fees have been paid.

Our league will run during the 6-week eligibility period for you to coach your players and we encourage coaches to come and coach their teams. Go to KSHSAA.org for more information and guidelines. We would love to see you on the sidelines helping your team.

I have included a copy of the rules for this summer league. Please read over these carefully and have all players read them too. I have also included a team registration form. Please make sure your team turns in all entry fees with this registration form.

If you have any questions please give me a call at 303-655-7176 or email me at jradams3@mail.fhsu.edu. I hope to see you and your players in our league.

2018 Summer Volleyball Rules

2018 Summer Volleyball Roster (Excel file, do please download and open in Excel) - this will be emailed directly to jradams3@mail.fhsu.edu.

2018 Summer Volleyball Payment form - Please make sure you have this sheet and all players money in one envelope before turning into Hays Recreation Commission!

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