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Your satisfaction is important to us.  Due to program costs, including instructors, supplies, and to help maintain our minimum numbers, we ask for your cooperation when requesting a refund or credit. Our policy is to provide a full refund or credit, your choice, to anyone who gives us two (2) business day’s notification prior to the start of class.  Anything after the two (2) business days will not receive a refund/credit unless your spot can be filled.


Paige Hernandez is this year’s Lied Across Kansas artist. Paige is a multidisciplinary artist who is critically acclaimed as a performer, director, choreographer and playwright. Paige is also known for her effective fusion of theatre, hip-hop, dance and education. As a master teaching artist, Paige has taught throughout the country, to all ages, in all disciplines. To date, she has reached approx. 10,000 students, from Pre-K through college, in over 100 residencies, workshops and performances. Paige will be in Hays on Wednesday, October 11 (USD 489 Early Release Day) to present 3 workshops at the Hays Recreation Center.  Sign up by October 4 for these FREE exciting programs!

Preschool (Ages 3- 5) - 12:30 - 1:00pm
Preschoolers will have fun with Paige exploring dance and culture using hip hop dance, shapes and numbers.

Elementary (Grades K-5th) - 1:30 - 2:30pm
Elementary aged students will work with Paige to create a dance or spoken word piece about who they are.  During this hour you will learn about some hip hop choreographers and different styles of hop hop dance.  Then it’s time to stretch and flex before you learn a brand new hop hop routine!

Middle School/Freshman (Grades 6th - 9th) - 3:00 - 4:30pm
Rap, Clap, Write That!
A pen and a paper is all you need to be a playwright! Effortlessly create characters, plots and setting using hip hop inspiration.  Participants will be inspired to create poems, monologues and basic dialogue.  If there’s time at the end, we’ll share the genius.

Come fly with us! Tween aerial yoga is designed to encourage your child’s quest for physical challenge! Not only does it promote better balance, confidence, strength and courage, but it also trains the body and mind not to be afraid of trying new things. In class your yogis will be introduced to the aerial hammocks and each week will build on what the learned the prior week.  They will have tie to explore, create, and mindfully play in the hammocks both structured and independently.
Entry Deadline:  
  Session 1 & 2: September 13
  Session 3 & 4: November 8
  Session 5 & 6: January 3
Entry Fee:  $20.00 per session
Held on:  Session 1: Tue.’s – Oct. 3 - 24
  Session 2: Thursday’s – October 5 - 26
  Session 3: Tuesday’s. - Nov. 14 – December 5
  Session 4: Thursday’s - Nov. 16 – December 14
  Session 5: Tuesday’s - January 9 – 30
  Session 6: Thursday’s - January 11 – February 1
Time:  4:00 – 4:45pm
Ages:  Session 1, 3 & 5: 8 - 10 year olds
  Session 2, 4 & 6: 11 - 13 year olds
Location:  Fitness Center
Limitations:  Min. 3   Max.5

MIDDLE SCHOOL FUN NIGHTS - Click here for dates and Info

This course gives participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to care for infants through school-aged children. Topics include safety issues, preventing injuries and illness, basic child care, first aid, rescue breathing care for choking, and age appropriate behavior.  Each participant will receive a handbook, snack and other resources.  Please bring a sack lunch with you.
Entry Deadline:   September 27
Entry Fee:   $30.00
Held on:   Saturday, September 30
Times:   8:00am - 2:00pm
Ages:    11 - 15
Location:   Leisure Center
Limitations:   Min. 5   Max. 12

Learn the basic stitches of knitting during this class. You will learn how to make a dishcloth.  As a part of the fee, each participant will receive a pair of knitting needles and yarn.
Entry Deadline:  September 27
Entry Fee:  $25.00
Held on:  Tuesday’s - October 3 & 10
Time:  7:00 – 8:30pm
Ages:  11 & older
Location:  Dale Allenbaugh Conference Room
Limitations:  Min. 3   Max. 6
Instructor:  Deanna Newberry



Schools out for the day so are you looking for a healthy, fun, strengthening activity for your child?  We will spend time exploring time in the aerial hammocks and learning beginner poses. Yogis will then enjoy a healthy snack of fruit or veggies to nourish their bodies. We will add in some art projects to help us think better in school, make stress balls for times of tension and a pillow spray to help them sleep better.
Entry Deadline:  October 4
Entry Fee:  $10.00
Held on:  Monday, October 9
Time:  1:00 - 5:00pm
Ages:  6 - 10
Location:  Fitness Center Studio 1
Limitations:  Min. 3   Max. 12


Involving kids in meal preparation encourages healthy eating habits.  Please join us in the kitchen as you prepare with your child some kid friendly dishes. Each child will take home a small meal dish. Please bring a small 8x8 square pan.
Entry Deadline:   Session 1: October 11
  Session 1: November 8
  Session 2: January 10
  Session 3: February 14
  Session 4: March 14
Entry Fee:   $6.00 per session
Held on:   Session 1: Wednesday, October 18
  Session 1: Wednesday, November 15
  Session 2: Wednesday, January 17
  Session 3: Wednesday, February 21
  Session 4: Wednesday, March 21
Times:   4:00pm until finished
Ages:    5 - 12
Location:   Leisure Center
Limitations:   Min. 5   Max. 12

Come on out for a day of fun.  Each day we have a full schedule of games, trips, crafts, cooking and trips to area businesses.  Space is limited so stop by the Hays Recreation to reserve your spot.
Entry Deadline:  Wed. before each
Entry Fee:  $10.00
Held on:  Session 1: Wednesday, November 8
  Session 2: Wednesday, February 14
  Session 3: Wednesday, March 14
  Session 4: Wednesday, April 11
Times:  1:30 - 5:00pm
Ages:  6 - 12
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitation:  Min. 5   Max.22

It’s time to see the twinkle of lights!  Saturday we will take a hay rack ride (truck & trailer) departing from Westview Church, Sunday we will enjoy the comfort of the HRC passenger bus departing from the Recreation Center. Both nights we will enjoy some Christmas music provided by the Hays High Chamber Singers. Don’t forget Mrs. Claus will be busy with stories and crafts, while Santa listens to your Christmas wish lists. Cookies, cider and hot chocolate will be provided before your ride.  Please show up 15 minutes before your schedule time. Tickets on sale at the Rec Center Mon. Oct. 30 through Friday, Dec. 8. Thanks again to this year’s sponsor: Ameriprise Financial Michael Schaffer & Associates!
Held on:  Saturday, Dec. 9 & Sunday, Dec. 10
Time:   Pick ride time when you buy tickets
  Rides start at 6:00pm,
  6:00pm. 6:30pm. 7:00pm, 7:30pm
Location:  Sat. - Westview Church - 3000 W 41st
  Sunday – Recreation Center

You’ve seen the TV commercials and maybe you’ve thought about taking a DNA test to learn more about your family history.  Whether you have already taken a test or have just been thinking about it, this class will help you to learn more about DNA tests and how you can use the results to learn more about your family history.
This class is taught by Susan Schlichting, family history researcher and educator.
Entry Deadline:  November 8
Entry Fee:  $5.00
Held on:  Thursday, November 16
Time:  5:30 – 7:00pm
Ages:  16 - Adult
Location:  Ellis Public Library, 907 Washington St, Ellis, KS
Limitation:   Min. 5   Max. none

Team up with your child and shoot baskets to win your Thanksgiving turkey.  The event will match a parent and child together.  Parents may enter with more than one child but may only win one turkey per family.  Everyone will walk home with a prize.
Entry Deadline:  November 15
Entry Fee:  $2.00 per team, $1.00 each additional child
Held on:  Thursday, November 16
Grades:  1st – 6th graders w/an adult
Time:   7:00pm
Location:  Recreation Center Gyms

Come learn how to build and program the “next generation” NXT and EV3 Lego Mindstorm robots during this class series.  This class is taught by Susan Schlichting, Cottonwood District Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development and Ellis Co. 4-H teens.  You will need at attend all three classes.
Entry Deadline:  November 22
Entry Fee:  $10.00
Held on:  Thurs.’s - Nov. 30 - Dec. 14
Time:  3:30 – 5:00pm
Grades:  4th - 8th
Location:  Cottonwood District Extension Office, 601 Main St, Hays
Limitations:  Min. 4   Max. 9

Join us as we create your own mini ginger bread house using graham crackers, frosting, and decorative treats.  Bring your appetite for construction and gingerbread leftovers.  We will also listen to the story of the ginger bread man.
Entry Deadline:  November 29
Entry Fee:  $5.00
Held on:  Monday, December 4
Times:  Session 1: 9:30 - 10:15am
  Session 2: 5:30 - 6:15pm
Ages:  Session 1: 3 – 5 w/an adult
  Session 2: 5 – 10 w/an adult
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:   Min. 5   Max. 12

Just in time for the holidays, let’s cook up some treats to be shared with your family or to give as a gift.
Entry Deadline:  December 6
Entry Fee:  $5.00
Held on:  Wednesday, December 13
Times:  4:00 – 4:45pm
Ages:  5 - 11
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 5   Max. 15

This is the perfect opportunity to get see holiday shopping done without the prying eyes of kids!  Simply drop them off and we’ll keep them busy for two hours of supervised fun and snacks.
Entry Deadline:  December 13
Entry Fee:  $5.00
Held on:  Friday, December 15
Time:  6:00 – 8:00pm
Ages:  2 – 8
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 10   Max. 30

Hey kid’s school is out for the day let’s have a cut throat kitchen challenge.  I will supply the ingredients and supplies, you have a plan, create and MAKE!
Entry Deadline:  January 10
Entry Fee:  $10.00
Held on:  Monday, January 15
Time:  1:00 – 5:00pm
Ages:  6 - 8
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 5   Max. 23

Want to spend your Saturday morning with your son or daughter dunking donuts and building something out of wood?  If so, enter this great class. Each child will go home with a wood project and a lot of memories hitting dads hand with a hammer.  Please bring along with you a hammer, screwdriver & drill if you have one.
Entry Deadline:  January 24
Entry Fee:  $10.00 per couple, $5.00 each additional child
Held on:  Saturday, February 3
Time:  9:00 – 10:00am
Ages:  3 & older w/an adult
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 5   Max. 15 couples

Mom, bring out your best dress, have your son(s) put on his best clothes, and come enjoy a special Valentine night made just for you. There will be a dinner, picture, games, and music to enjoy.
Entry Deadline:  January 31
Entry Fee:  $15.00 per couple, $8.00 each additional son
Held on:  Saturday, February 3
Time:  5:30 - 7:30pm
Ages:  2 - 9 w/an adult
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 10   Max. 25 couples

Girls, grab your friends, bring your mom, and join the HRC for this fun filled night. The fee covers bowling shoes and one game of bowling.
Entry Deadline:  February 7
Entry Fee:  $4.50 per person
Held on:  Saturday, February 10
Time:  5:30pm
Ages:  3 - 17 w/an adult
Location:  Centennial Lanes - 2400 Vine
Limitations:  Min. 5   Max. 30 couples

Want to spend a night with your son having a lot of fun bowling?  Boys may be accompanied by their Dad, Uncle, Brother, Grandfather or anyone over 18 that is special to them.  The fee covers your bowling shoes and one game per family member.
Entry Deadline:  February 14
Entry Fee:  $4.50 per person
Held on:  Saturday, February 17
Time:  5:30pm
Ages:  3 - 17 w/an adult
Location:  Centennial Lanes - 2400 Vine
Limitations:  Min. 5   Max. 30 couples

Day of fun at the HRC as we join our friends for pizza and a movie.  Don’t let the fun stop their as we finish the afternoon with games in the gym.
Entry Deadline:  February 14
Entry Fee:  $10.00
Held on:  Monday, February 19
Time:  1:00 - 5:00pm
Ages:  6 - 10
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 6   Max. 23

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Calling all princesses in the land to the 2018 Cinderella’s Ball! Dad’s grab your best girl and treat her to a night she’ll never forget! New surprises will ensure a wonderful time for all.  Enjoy a dinner, dancing, games and fun.  Each couple will have their picture taken at Cinderella’s castle for a memento of the special night.  “Substitute” daddies are welcome (grandpa, uncle, etc.) Sign up early, this special night will fill up fast.  
Entry Deadline:  March 28
Entry Fee:  $15.00 per couple, $8.00 each additional daughter
Held on:  Saturday, April 7
Time:  5:30 – 7:30pm
Age:  2 - 12 w/an adult
Location:  Leisure Center
Limitations:  Min. 15   Max. 35 couples

Attention snow bunnies, the HRC is looking for a few good snow sculptures.  You may enter by taking a photo of your snow sculpture and mailing it to the HRC, or emailing it to  Write the name of the participants that helped build the creation and a home phone number on the back of the photo or include it with your email.  Winners will be announced the first week of April.  All pictures will be posted on our website.  Prize will be awarded.
Entry Deadline:  April 4
Entry Fee:  Free
Held on:  1st snow till April 1

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