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If you have questions about the pool rules call the HAP at 623-2653.


General Pool Rules

*All persons passing through the entry gates must pay for admission, regardless of intent to swim.

*No cameras of any type are allowed into the Aquatic Park, unless approved by the Aquatics Director.

*Proper swim attire is required.  For males, this includes swim trunks with a drawstring.  For females, this includes one or two piece swimsuits.  Thongs and denim shorts are not allowed.

* No matter how well they swim, children 7 years of age or younger must have a responsible adult in the water with them at all times. Please help us keep our kids safe!

*Supervision for children 7 years of age or under may not exceed 5 children per adult.

*All non-potty trained guests must wear a swim diaper and proper swim attire.  Disposable diapers or cloth diapers are not permitted in the pool.  Only swim diapers are allowed.  You can purchase one at the front desk if needed.  For sanitary reasons, all clothing and diaper changes must be made in the family changing rooms or bathrooms.

*No large inter-tubes or rafts are allowed in the facility.

*Floatation devices and water toys are subject to the approval of the pool staff.

*No running, horseplay, smoking, alcohol, loitering or littering.

*Persons with open sores or contagious infections, such as poison ivy, athlete’s foot, impetigo and ringworm, are not permitted in the pool.

*In order to keep our pools clean for everyone, all swimmers are required to take a cleansing head to toe shower before entering the pool.

*The Aquatic Park is not responsible for theft or loss of valuables anywhere in the park.

*No coolers, glass containers, or outside food or drinks are allowed in the facility.

*Check bags are available for free each day at the front counter.


Guidelines for Slides

*You must be 42 inches tall and be able to swim to ride the slides by yourself.

*All riders must ride feet first while lying on their backs.

*No jewelry is allowed on the slides.  Swimwear with zippers, buckles, rivets or any other plastic or metal ornamentation will not be allowed on the slides.

*Riders must be in good health.  Individuals with medical conditions including, but not limited to, pregnancy, heart or back problems should not ride these attractions.


Diving Board Rules

*Must be 42 inches tall.  There is a 300 lbs. weight limit.

*Only one bounce on the board.

*Only one person on the board.

*No jumping off the side of the board.  No backwards entries, gainers, back flips, or cut-aways.

*No parents are allowed in the deep end to catch their child at any time.


Temperature/Weather Policy

*The temperature must be 75 degrees or higher for our pools to open.

*Monday through Saturday at the Hays Aquatic Park, if the weather does not permit opening at noon, we will close temporarily and reevaluate at 2:00pm.  If weather does not permit opening at 2:00pm, all pools will remain closed until the following day.

*On Sundays at the Hays Aquatic Park, if the weather does not permit opening at 1:00pm, we will remain closed until the following day.

*If at any time, the Hays Aquatic Park does not open or closes due to weather, Wilson Pool will also close for the day.

* If there is inclement weather such as heavy rain and/or lightning, we will not be open.  During open hours, if lightning is detected within 10 miles of our location, we will clear the swimming areas and close temporarily.  If lightning is in the area longer than 45 minutes, we will close for the day.

*The decision to open or close will be made by the HRC Aquatics Director and the HRC Superintendent.  To find out if we are closed due to weather, call us at the Hays Aquatic Park or the Hays Recreation Center, listen to you local radio stations, or sign up for our textcaster program to be notified via text message.