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Register in Advance of Classes: Please register by the deadline to prevent cancellations due to low enrollment. Fees are due at the time of enrollment. The Hays Recreation Commission (HRC) reserves the right to cancel, combine or divide classes, change dates, times or locations of classes, change instructor assignments, and make other revisions as deemed necessary.   You will notice that all deadlines are on Wednesday.  Just a little something to help you remember when to register!  And don’t forget we are open till 6:00pm on Wednesdays to register in the office or till midnight online!

Wait List: If a class has met its maximum enrollment, patrons have the option to add a name to the wait list (some classes/activities required you to pay to be on the wait list.  If you are not placed in the class/activities you will get a refund.). In the event of an opening, a HRC staff member will contact individuals on the waiting list to fill the opening. We do our best to accommodate as many patrons as we can so PLEASE always put your name on the waiting list!  Please make sure your home phone number is your primary number, if that is your cell number you can then list your home number as your cell!

REFUND POLICY: Your satisfaction is important to us.  Due to program costs, including instructors, supplies, and to help maintain our minimum numbers, we ask for your cooperation when requesting a refund or credit.
CLASSES:  Our policy is to provide a full refund or credit, your choice, to anyone who cancels by the deadline.  Anything after the deadline, will not receive a refund/credit unless your spot can be filled.
TRIPS:  Trips that require advance ticket purchase no refunds will be issued – see trip description.  Trips with no advance tickets a full refund will be issued if cancelled by the Deadline date.  After the Deadline there will be a $5.00 processing fee charged, up until two days prior to the trip when no refund will be given.  
Youth Sports: No refunds will be granted after the season begins unless a participant becomes injured or moves away.  Refunds before the season begins will incur a $2.50 processing fee.
Cancellation Policy: HRC reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment. Participants will be notified of cancellations and will be refunded or credited your choice.

WWW.HAYSREC.ORG: Come and visit  Register online, and find the complete program guide divided into sections for easy reference.  You will also find upcoming deadlines, weather related cancellations, entry forms to print, open gym times and much more.  You will also be able to sign up for our bi-weekly e-mail newsletter!

Scholarship Program: Programs and activities offered by HRC are supported in large part by user fees. Families meeting income guidelines may be eligible for scholarship assistance for their children. Scholarship application forms are available and should be completed and submitted at least five business days prior to registering. Please visit us online or call 785-623-2650 for details. All applications must be renewed each year beginning January 1 with updated income verification information in order to qualify for the program.  Funding for this program is made possible by private donations.  If you are interested in contributing to the Youth Scholarship Program, please contact the HRC office.  

Photographs/Videotape:  HRC reserves the right to use photographs and videotape of HRC participants for promotional purposes.  If you have pictures of your family participating in any HRC program and would like to share please e-mail them to Missy at

TEAM SPORTS: Participants must sign up prior to the deadline for each sport. Early registration is necessary in order to secure a place on a team and for HRC to secure facilities, coaches and officials for the number of registrants. 

CHILDREN ATTENDING CLASSES: Due to liability and distraction issues, children are not allowed to attend adult classes with their parents. 

WEATHER INFO: When weather postponements or canclations are made we send out a TextCaster Text, which also is posted to our Facebook pages.  During the week before 5pm we try out best to also send out emails, update our webpage and phone system.  But you can always count on the TextCast Text.


PROGRAM UPDATES: You can catch all the program information offered by the HRC several ways.
TV: Watch us on the HRC Channel, Nex-Tech Cable Channel 106!  Tune in for program updates, replays of games and activities, interviews and much more!  
Radio: Listen the 1st Monday of the month at 8:15am on KAYS and every other Tuesday at 8:00am on KJLS. Here you will be able to learn more about the different activities coming up at the HRC.
Newspaper: Program updates are available through the HRC Calendar each Sunday in The Hays Daily News.
Phone: You can call the HRC office after hours and press 3 for program information.  The information hotline will provide you with upcoming deadlines.
Web: You can go to to find out about upcoming deadlines and view the current list of upcoming programs.
E-mail: Sign up for our bi-weekly e-mail.  Thursdays provide you with the details of each activity, and Tuesdays is a quick reminder that tomorrow is the deadline.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Individuals interested in becoming involved in their community through volunteer work have numerous options through the Hays Recreation Commission.  We offer youth sports such as softball, baseball, soccer, tennis and basketball.  In addition, we offer programs such as life enrichment classes, day camps and other programs throughout the year.
For all of these programs we need coaches, scorekeepers, game officials, help with registration, supervision, and specialized instruction.  Come be a part of our program.  The benefits are endless.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: The HRC is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which offers opportunities in all areas of recreation.  Applications for program supervisors, umpires, referees, instructors, gym supervisors, scorekeepers, sports field maintenance and more are all being accepted at the HRC office.  

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA): The programs and services provided by the Hays Recreation Commission should be accessible to all citizens, regardless of a disability.  With this in mind, the HRC intends to provide equally effective access to its publicly provided services for individuals with a disability.  If any individual requires reasonable accommodations for a service or program, that individual shall provide sufficient advance notice to the Hays Recreation Commission in order for that service to be provided.

LOST AND FOUND:  Items of value (cameras, keys, cell phones) turned in will be kept in a secure location for three months.  Items of non-value (clothing, shoes, hats, etc.) are kept for one month.  Items left longer will be donated to a local non-profit agency.  Items lost at locations other than the Recreation Center are kept at that location till the end of season and then donated.